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Q&A: Pesticides?

Question by alliep42: Pesticides?
Does anyone know anything about pesticides? I need to ask someone who uses pesticides a few questions for a paper. Here are the questions, if you could help, that would be greatly appreciated.

A. What are the names of the pesticides you use?
What pests are they used on?
B. What is the shelf-life of the pesticides?
C. Are the pesticides biodegradable?
D. Are the pesticides harmful to humans or pets?
E. How often are the pesticides applied.


Best answer:

Answer by Cat
A. There are almost as many kinds as there are pests. personally, I only use a handful. Dormant oil for my fruit trees. Flea powder for my pets. Very occasionally rotenone - a plant-derived pesticide, for my squashes, because striped cucumber beetles sometimes get the best of me.

B. Depends on the pesticide. Some have pretty short shelf-lives, some keep for decades.

C. Some are biodegrable. Some aren't.

D. Some can be very toxic to humans and animals. Some are not harmful at all. It all depends on how they work. There are some that are essentially nerve toxins. pretty much bad for any animal. Others are hormones that interfere with an insects' ability to pupate. It affects a small target group of insects, but it almost harmless to other kinds of insects and animals.

E. Depends on the pesticide, and the target insect. Some need to be sprayed every 2 weeks during the growing season. Some just once or twice - and when depends on the life cycle of the target. Could be spring, could be summer, could be fall.

I try to use pest "deterents" rather than pesticides, when possible, or biological solutions. (creating gardens that include plants that attract the "good" bugs - the pests' natural predators.)
For instance: Dormant oil (to kill overwintering pests on fruit trees) is done once - in the winter. Flea spray for animals is often used once a week in warm weather.

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