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Question by Jubei_Chan4: vegetable?
vegetarians says the eating meat is cruel cause they are living things and they should live but why do they eat vegetable which is a living thing and never say is cruel dosen't a vegetable counted as a living thing? And why do u think vegetarians think it cruel of eating meat but not vegetable?
i am not trying to be smart ok and i am just saying that we do not treat vegetable the same as animals and for all of your infomation plants have feelings yes they do not cry or shout but they are living things. Do put yourself in their shoes, you can't shout nor cry when u are pull out of where u are. and one more thing i did not mean that u are cruel went u eat veggie
do not call me a freak is pretty much pop out of my head
the thing that i said abt plants have feeling had been justifieid by sciencetist

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Answer by Jaide
I am vegan because I have PTSD related to several incidents involving food. Don't put us all under one umbrella please.

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Samm said...

they think eating meat is bad because it once had a face. really it doesnt matter, it's not cruel, the animal is already dead anyways, and so is the veggie. but mostly the vegetarians think it's bad because an animal can think and feel and a veggie can't.

Sarah S said...

it is not wrong to eat both. We all need meat and veges in our diet to maintain a healthy balanced diet. It is all apart of the foodchain.

Tigeress said...

Eating meat means that you are cutting that animals' life short. And a lot of the conditions of killing the animals is painful. They have emotions that are underlooked by many people. Just because it doesn't have a voice doesn't mean that we should ignore their body language of pain.

Many plants thrive when you prune them to become stronger plants. Yes, plants eat food and drink water but they don't have a brain so they don't feel pain.

vegan88 said...

Eating meat is cruel because factory farmed animals are neglected, treated roughly, not allowed to do things natural to them (graze, play, raise their young, etc.) and are then slaughtered, often in painful, frightening ways.
No offense, but really, you're comparing the life of a factory farmed cow to that of, say, a turnip? If you've ever spent more than five minutes in the presence of an animal, you know they are feeling creatures that can be frightened, excited, happy, or sad. The textbook term is "sentient" or "capable of feeling and perception." Animals are classified as sentient - it's proven fact that animals are capable of these things. Vegetables, on the other hand, have no brain and are therefore incapable of sensory perception (pain, sight, etc.) That's why humans are considered animals, too, and not plants. Animals are made like we are, at least to some extent. You know this, whether you want to admit it or not. If you don't agree, let me ask you a question: would you dice a cat the way you would a tomato?
Hopefully, your answer is "no." The reason: you realize cutting a cat the way you'd cut a tomato would be barbaric, because unlike the tomato, the cat is aware of what is going on and feels what you're doing to it. A tomato feels nothing because it has no nerves and no brain.
If you would dice a cat, all I can say is you need serious help, because that's an example of extreme sadistic tendencies and such behaviors and attitudes are often linked to people with a high risk for exhibiting violence against humans, i.e. serial killers.

arsh said...

We can have meat, only halal, as its ok

Zaye said...

The difference is that an animal experiences fear when slaughtered and plants do not--also fruits, nuts, seeds and many vegetables(tomatoes, bell peppers, squash) actually come off the plant naturally and harvesting these things do not kill anything at all.

12Seychelle said...

Not all vegetarians think it's wrong to eat meat, you know. I went veg when I found out that the animals are raised in crowded, uncomfortable factory farms, and pumped full of antibiotics, and some are even starved of iron so their meat stays white. And, the animals are branded, and get their beaks and tails cut off... If the animals are forced to live in such conditions, I prefer not to support that.

vvv said...

First of all that was kinda weird but I have a friend like that who is a vegetarian. She says" well I got to eat something. Seriously pick one something with eye,kids to take care of and when you eat it it's almost like you can here it's screams or something that can't move, only need the dirt and doesn't scream." That's what my friend says.

Goody2shoes2 said...

Vegetables are still living even after they are picked. Sure they do die if they are picked. People have to eat something. I go by the bible: Genesis: 1:29 God says: I have given ye ever herb and fruit bearing seed let be thy meat! I originally came vegetarian due to cost reasons and found myself healthier being a vegetarian!
Maybe You should stop walking the soil has feeling too.. you might hurt it while walking. Stop using your bed too and oh ya the air has feeling too.. You meat eaters are ridiculous in the way you justify your meat habits meat is dead carcass!
If you eat meat you eat dead.. what is dead is death.. Is that what you want to be death? Also it's not vegetarians that talk about cruelty it is the Vegans that do that.. the only cruelty vegetarians will talk about is how some animals are raised. Vegans are the once that go beyond that! Don't lump it all in one basket!