Friday, October 8, 2010

How To Tidy Your Garden For The Summer

How To Tidy Your Garden For The Summer

To make your garden look presentable (and so that you don't havre to spend the whole summer weeding) there are a few quick ideas for tidying the garden for the summer months.
After the autumn leaves and the spring showers, your garden tends to look a little worst for wear. Summer is just around the corner, so following these easy hints and tips, you can quickly tidy up your garden and then sit back in your sun lounger and enjoy!

  • Firstly get rid of any weeds and dead plants/bulbs. Try and do this after is has been raining as they¡¦ll be easier to pull out.
  • Sweep up all dirt and leaves from the path.
  • Start planting all the new bulbs and plants for the summer. Give them plenty of water for the next few days until the come accustomed to the soil.
  • Mow the lawn as short as you can. Most lawnmowers have adjustable blades so you can easily change them. This will save you time having to cut it again after a few weeks
  • Make sure that all your established plants are healthy and cut back the buds which have already appeared.
  • Make sure that trees and staked well and are strong.
  • Cover any borders with bark chips ¡V these keep the weeds out and keep the soil underneath moist for the existing plants during the hot months.
  • If you are planting sunflowers, do these as soon as possible. Make sure you plant them against a fence or something you can tie them to when they begin to grow.
  • Get out your patio furniture and give it a good was with soapy water. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry.
  • Make sure your parasols/garden umbrellas are close to hand are not broken.
  • Leave the furniture in the front of the shed or garage ready for use.

Now sit back in front of the widow and wait for the sun to come.

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