Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cost Cutters For Your Garden

Cost Cutters For Your Garden

Many of us would love to spend a lot of time and money on our garden but have neither to give. This article will show you several ways to keep your garden looking good without either time or money spent on them.

We’d all love our gardens to look neat and just right all the year round, but most have little time to devote to the job. Making your garden just the way you want it also means spending some money on plants, fencing, seating etc.

There are many ways to save money and still have the garden you dream of:
  1. Take cuttings from friends and neighbours plants and plant them in small pots with lots of compost. Keep them in a sunny position and soon you will have your own version of their plants, without costing you a penny.
  2. Instead of buying new ceramic pots for your flowers and seeds, spruce up your old ones with spray paint especially for outdoor use (otherwise that may go rusty) or use oil paints and paint a landscape all the way round the pot.
  3. If you have ants’ nests, using the proper powder and sprays does get rid of the ants, however a kettle of boiled water poured over the nest will also do the same job.
  4. See if your local garden centre has a bargain section of the shop. This often has plants that aren’t looking too healthy at discounted prices. All the plants need is a great deal of water and they’ll soon be back to their old selves again.
  5. Buy out of season plants and keep them in your greenhouse until they are ready to be planted. They are usually cheaper in the shops.
  6. Never pass up an opportunity of free plants and bulbs.
  7. To save yourself money, just buy the plants and shrubs that come back every year. Buying bedding plants may add some extra colour but after a few months they will have died.
  8. If you have the patience, buy seeds instead of fully-grown plants. They are usually under a pound each, however they can take a while to grow and it will be a while before you see your efforts.
  9. To keep your garden in flower all year round choose your plants carefully. Try and pick out plants that flower in different seasons. Sometimes after the summer a garden can look drab and with no life. With flowers all year round the garden will look good whatever the weather.
  10. Save water. Have a water tank outside somewhere connected to the guttering on your house. This will save you money, as you’ll be recycling the rainwater and not paying for it yourself.

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