Thursday, September 2, 2010

Herb Gardening: Easy Herbs To Grow

Herb Gardening: Easy Herbs To Grow

Herb gardens are catching on in popularity. There is no comparison to cooking with herbs, you have grown yourself. Anyone can grow an herb garden. If you have the space, or even in containers, herbs do not require much care. Following is a list of easy herbs you can grow and a quick description on their flavor and cooking uses.

1. There are plenty of varieties of basil including anise, cinnamon, lemon, lettuce leaf, small leaved, and my favorite Purple. Basil is an annual that is used in plenty of italian dishes, one of the best known uses in Pesto sauce.

2. Chervil is an annual that likes cooler weather, not hot and dry summers. Plant it in a shady place. It tastes like a cross between parsley and tarragon and is used in a lot of French cuisine. Use it as a garnish, or tossed with fresh vegetables and butter.

3. Chives are a perennial that prefer shade. They have a mild onion flavor and are super tossed into any salad.

4. Cilantro is an annual that is very popular in mexican cooking. It is really just fresh coriander leaves. Use it in your favorite salsa recipe.

5. Dill is an annual that is a must for pickle making. It is simple to grow and quite often reseeds itself in my garden year after year.

6. Lavender is a perennial that has plenty of uses. It can be used in baths, tea and as an herb in french cuisine. The small purple flowers are also edible and can be tossed into your favorite salad.

7. Lemon Balm is a perennial that has a lemony fragrance. It is used for teas and in your cooking.

8. Lovage is a perennial that likes a shady spot. It tastes like celery and can be used anywhere you would use celery.

9. Marjoram is an annual (can be a perennial in warmer climates). It is similar to oregano and can be used in anything.

10. There are a lot of varieties of Mint. Most are perennials. Some varieties include Apple, Orange, Peppermint, Chocolate, Spearmint, Lemon. Most are used for teas or jellies.

11. Parsley is an annual that can sometimes reseed itself. It can be used in any recipe or as garnish.

12. Sage is a perennial well known for Thanksgiving stuffing. It likes drier, well drained soil.

13. Savory is an annual that is reminiscent of sage and thyme crossed. It can be used in soups, marinades and sauces.

14. Tarragon is a perennial that tastes like a mild licorice. It can be used in sauces, soups, dressings, etc. It is my favorite to grow and requires no care.

15. Thyme is another perennial that comes in many varieties. It spreads like mad, so be prepared to give it plenty of room. Some of the varieties are: Caraway, Lemon, Red Creeping, Woolly, Common.

If you want a no care garden, plant a few of the perennial herbs. They will return every year and aside from weeding, you will not have to care for them at all.

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