Monday, September 20, 2010

A Flower Garden That Sells

A Flower Garden That Sells

Every year millions of people plant flower gardens that spawn wonderfully beautiful flowers.
A flower garden is a beautiful addition to any home and lawn. However, what do you do with the flowers if you have an overflow or if you just don't want to see them die in the hot sun?

Below are a few tips that I have put to use with my own garden that help me make money every year.

1. Sell your flowers at flea markets or fruit/vegetable stands

All over America fruit and vegetable stands dot the countryside, selling their wares. Why not offer to sell them flowers to pedal as well? It doesn't hurt to try and more often than not you will get a positive response! Or, if you live near the highway, why not set up a booth yourself? You will be surprised at the number of people who WILL buy fresh cut flowers or will be willing to pick their own! Flea markets are also a great way to rid yourself of unwanted flowers. Set up a booth for under five dollars and sell your flowers on the weekends to tourists.

2. Sell to local flower shops
If you deal in a variety of exotic or hot-demand flowers, why not check with local flower shops to see if you can provide them with a few flowers when needed? It is not a shot in the dark. More than likely you can under-cut their current suppliers and get them the flowers cheaper...for a few months, of course! (Make sure they are aware your supply won't last forever!)

3. Pot Pourri
Why not use your flowers for pot pourri? You don't actually have to use fresh flowers. Dried are the best. You can dry them yourself by leaving them in the sun or in a dry place, or you can wait for them to fall off the plant and gather them. This does require a few scents and a container or two, but this stuff is a hot seller! Homemade pot pourri is very fashionable and desired right now! This is a wonderful seller at craft fairs and shows. Requires just a little work, too!

4. Decorate soap or candles
Use dried flowers to put in candles or clear soap. I used an entire rose in the inside of my clear soap and it looks fantastic! Also, make into dried pot pourri and put in candles, around the edges, to give your candles an unique look.

5. Wild flower pot pourri
A hot seller to tourists! I use wild flowers that grow around my house to make pot pourri and sell as 'Tennessee wild flower pot pourri'! This is a big hit with tourists who love to take home souvenirs, especially ones that are great to decorate the home!

There is so much that you can do with your fresh or dried flowers. All of the above ideas are fairly easy and are worth trying your hand at. Instead of letting your flowers rot this year, why not let them make you a little money?

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