Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starting An Indoor Garden

Starting An Indoor Garden

Starting an indoor garden and fun! Especially if you love spring and planting, sometimes it is too hard to wait for the last frost to go. This past spring I could not contain my joy at seeing the green things bud and the sun beginning to shine warmly. I also could not contain myself from the urge to begin my garden. I did, however, stop myself from planting outside, but I didn't stop myself from starting to plant early.

How? I started my garden indoors. I used containers and my window sills to provide the needed sun and space to get it going properly. By the time planting time rolled around, I was already proudly boasting seven tomato plants, one potato plant, and four cucumber plants. I tilled my garden and transplanted my dear plants and sat back to patiently what the yeild of vegetables I knew was soon in coming.

How do you get started? I buy my seeds out of season so that I'll have them before most seeds are even being stocked at most stores. (I also save a few bucks this way!) I keep my seeds stored over the winter months, then break them out in March or April.

Using containers that I get from around the house, I pack them with rich soil and plant my seeds and dutifully water them.

What can you use as planters for your seeds? I am the mother of one six month old baby girl, so I have plenty of formula cans on hand. I simply cover them in decorative paper and fill with soil. I also use regular sized cans as well. (You do have to punch a few holes in the bottom of the can and provide a container to catch access water. I used a simple plastic container that came off a piece of packaging.)

I also use egg cartons. I cut the carton in half at the fold and place the lid beneath the bottom and it forms an automatic bottom to catch access water. (You do have to punch a small hole in the bottom of each shell of the egg carton.)

I plant my seeds, place them on a sunny windowsill, water them accordingly, then wait rather impatiently for the first green shoots to appear. Sometimes you loose a few, sometimes you don't. But, I figure it this way: I am releiving some stress by starting my garden early and I'll be very proud to have my first batch of tomatos and cucumbers when everyone else is just planting their seeds!

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