Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grow Herbs In A Terrarium

Grow Herbs In A Terrarium

Your favorite herbs can easily be grown in a terrarium. canning jars, apothecary jars, or even Pyrex casserole dishes can be used.
Growing herbs in a terrarium is easy, and you don't have to have a green thumb to do it. Most of the materials for it can be found right around the house.

What you will need:
  • A glass container with lid or seal
  • Small amount of clean gravel
  • Activated charcoal
  • Potting soil mix, (make sure your soil is moist enough so that when you squeeze it, it turns into a crumbly ball.)
  • Water
  • A seal for your terrarium
  • Your herb seeds of choice

Almost any glass container can be used as a terrarium, from a pickle jar to a Pyrex casserole, to a large aquarium. Be sure your container is clean and dry when you begin.

To make terrarium:
  • Place a 1/2 inch layer of gravel at the bottom of your container
  • Add a layer of activated charcoal, about a 1/4 inch will be sufficient
  • Place a layer of soil over the charcoal, a couple of inches of soil, at the most.
  • Add the herb seeds of your choice. Remember, how much depends on the size of your container. A medium container of 1 to 5 gallon size will support about 3 or 4 plants.
  • Add another 1/4 inch of soil on top of the seeds. (Follow seed pack directions here.)
  • When finished planting, water very lightly. A spray bottle will work well here.
  • Close cover of your container. If you don't have a tight fitting lid, use saran wrap. It will work. But make sure the opening is sealed tightly!

Next, place your terrarium in a bright area, but never in direct sunlight. Always water your terrarium lightly. Never overwater. Every couple of weeks should be sufficient. When plants get large, pinch off tops to keep them contained. Harvest leaves off of it as needed.

Remember, the soil in your terrarium should be just damp, never wet. Water only every few weeks. But if you should over water, take the lid off and let it dry out some, so mold doesn't form in it. Wasn't that easy? Enjoy your herb terrarium!

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