Thursday, February 12, 2009

How To Repair A Lawn With Bare Spots

How To Repair A Lawn With Bare Spots

Bare spots are found in every lawn. There are simple ways to repair them.
Bare spots in lawns happen for simple reasons, but bare spots once you locate the reason, can be repaired quickly.

Bare spots should repaired to prevent more damage. Bare spots start out in usually a small area, but with continued traffic, will increase the size and add more to repair. Bare spots in grass can be caused from pets, children playing or from heavy foot traffic. In some cases insects may be the culprit. Insects can cause thinning or dying grass.

The method of repair depends on the cause. If insects are the problem you will need to spray the area with an insecticide before trying to grow new grass. High traffic areas, may present an ongoing problem. You may consider placing stepping stones to walk on, or a gravel pathway, or a barrier.

When you decide to repair, early spring is the best time. The lawn will just be starting to grow, which will allow the new grass to blend into the existing grass.

How to repair Large bare spots:

You will need:
  • Sod
  • compost
  • shovel
  • rake
  • roller

1. Dig up the area and remove a one inch layer of soil. Incorporate a thin layer of compost, and gently rake out the surface.

2. Use a roller to firm down the surface of the spot, the area will be one inch lower than the surrounding area.

3. Lay the strips of sod to fit the area, trim any access .

4. When the sod is fitted , make sure the edges are entwined with current lawn. Then water heavily so the sod and grass are soaked.

How to repair small bare spots:

Dig up the area , mix grass seeds with soil completely, then water the area completely. Cover with straw or pete moss to prevent seeds from blowing away.

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