Friday, January 30, 2009

Starting A Summer Vegetable Garden

Starting A Summer Vegetable Garden

How to Begin a Summer Vegetable Garden.
There's no comparison between store-bought veggies and those that come from the home garden.
Difficulty Level: average
Time Required: a day

Here's How:
  1. Select a garden space that receives 6 hours or more of full sun per day.
  2. Till the ground and add organic matter back into the garden soil, mixing well.
  3. Visit your local garden center for young plants of vegetables that you enjoy.
  4. Select seeds (plants may not be available) if you want to grow cucurbits, peas, beans and corn.
  5. Select varieties that are resistant to disease.
  6. Allow enough space between plantings to provide good air circulation.
  7. Anticipate pests, and plant at least twice what you'll need.
  8. Water often, checking a few inches below the soil line for dryness. Don't allow plants to wilt.
  9. Use a fertilizer especially formulated for summer vegetables, following the package directions.
  10. Yank up weeds as they sprout.
  11. Visit the garden daily to spot and eliminate bugs, disease and weeds.
  12. Add supplemental water if there's not at least 1 inch of rainfall per week, and don't wet the foliage.

  • Don't fret if a few male blossoms drop before female blossoms form.
  • Fertilize as often as recommended to keep plants growing and producing quickly.
  • Plant as early as possible in the season to achieve a harvest before bugs and disease can take hold.

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